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Business Skills for Chemists Notes

Topics in our Business Skills for Chemists Notes PDF

In these “Business Skills for Chemists Notes PDF”, you will study the business and entrepreneurial skills of undergraduate chemistry students and improve their employment prospects. The course will orient the students to understand the Industry linkage with chemistry, challenges and business opportunities. It will expose the students to the concepts of intellectual property rights, patents and commercialization of innovations.

The topics we will cover will be taken from the following list:

Chemistry in industry: Current challenges and opportunities for the chemistry based industries. Role of chemistry in India and global economies. Chemistry based products in the market.

Business Basics: Key business concepts, Business plans, Market need, Project management, Routes to market, Concept of entrepreneurship.

Project Management:

Different stages of a project:

Commercial Realisation and Case Studies:

Intellectual Property Rights: Introduction to IPR & Patents

Environmental Hazards: Industries involving hazardous chemicals. Importance of development of cost-effective alternative technology. Environmental ethics.

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