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Embedded Systems Notes

Topics in our Embedded Systems Notes PDF

In these “Embedded Systems Notes PDF”, you will study the designing and development of embedded systems. This corse gives a review of microprocessor and introduces microcontroller 8051.

The topics we will cover will be taken from the following list:

Embedded system introduction: Introduction to embedded systems and general purpose computer systems, architecture of embedded system, classifications, applications and purpose of embedded systems.

8051 microcontroller: Introduction and block diagram of 8051 microcontroller, architecture of 8051, 8051 assembly language programming, Program Counter and ROM memory map, Data types and directives, Flag bits and Program Status Word (PSW) register, Jump, loop and call instructions.

8051 I/O port programming: Introduction of I/O port programming, pin out diagram of 8051 microcontroller, I/O port pins description & their functions, I/O port programming in 8051 (using assembly language), I/O programming: Bit manipulation.

Programming: 8051 addressing modes and accessing memory using various addressing modes, assembly language instructions using each addressing mode, arithmetic and logic instructions, 8051 programming in C: for time delay & I/O operations and manipulation, for arithmetic and logic operations, for ASCII and BCD conversions.

Timer and counter programming: Programming 8051 timers, counter programming.

Serial port programming with and without interrupt: Introduction to 8051 interrupts, programming timer interrupts, programming external hardware interrupts and serial communication interrupt, interrupt priority in the 8051.

Interfacing 8051 microcontroller to peripherals: Parallel and serial ADC, DAC interfacing, LCD interfacing.

Programming Embedded Systems: Structure of embedded program, infinite loop, compiling, linking and locating, downloading and debugging.

Embedded system design and development: Embedded system development environment, file types generated after cross compilation, disassembler/ decompiler, simulator, emulator and debugging, embedded product development life-cycle, trends in embedded industry.

Introduction to Arduino: Pin diagram and description of Arduino UNO. Basic programming and applications.

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