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Solid State Physics Notes

Topics in our Solid State Physics Notes PDF

In these “Solid State Physics Notes PDF”, you will study the basic concepts and principles required to understand the various properties exhibited by condensed matter, especially solids. It enables the students to appreciate how the interesting and wonderful properties exhibited by matter depend upon its atomic and molecular constituents. The gained knowledge helps to solve problems in solid state physics using relevant mathematical tools. It also communicates the importance of solid state physics in modern society.

The topics we will cover will be taken from the following list:

Crystal Structure: Solids: Amorphous and Crystalline Materials. Lattice Translation Vectors. Lattice with a Basis. Types of Lattices. Unit Cell, Symmetry and Symmetry Elements. Miller Indices. Reciprocal Lattice. Brillouin Zones. Diffraction of X-rays: single crystal and powder method. Bragg’s Law, Laue Condition. Ewalds’ construction. Atomic and Geometrical Factor. Simple numerical problem on SC, BCC, FCC.

Elementary Lattice Dynamics: Lattice Vibrations and Phonons: Linear Monoatomic and Diatomic Chains. Acoustical and Optical Phonons. Qualitative Description of the Phonon Spectrum in Solids. Dulong and Petit’s Law, Einstein and Debye theories of specific heat of solids. T3 law.

Electrons in Solids: Electrons in metals- Introduction to Drude Model, Density of states (1- D, 2-D, 3-D) (basic idea), Elementary band theory: Kronig Penney model. Band Gap, direct and indirect bandgap. Effective mass, mobility, Hall Effect (Metal and Semiconductor).

Magnetic Properties of Matter: Dia-, Para-, Ferri- and Ferromagnetic Materials. Classical Langevin Theory of dia– and Para- magnetism. Hunds’s rule. Weiss’s Theory of Ferromagnetism and Ferromagnetic Domains. Curie’s law. B-H Curve. soft and hard material and Energy Loss Hysteresis.

Dielectric Properties of Materials: Polarization. Local Electric Field in solids. Depolarization Field. Electric Susceptibility. Polarizability. Clausius Mossotti Equation. Classical Theory of Electric Polarizability. AC polarizability, Normal and Anomalous Dispersion. Complex Dielectric Constant. Langevin-Debye equation,

Introduction to basics of phase transitions: Landau theory for ferromagnetic materials (No derivation).

Superconductivity: Experimental Results. Critical Temperature. Critical magnetic field. Meissner effect. Type I and type II Superconductors, London’s Equation and Penetration Depth. Isotope effect. Idea of BCS theory (No derivation).

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