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Waves and Optics Notes

Topics in our Waves and Optics Notes PDF

In these “Waves and Optics Notes PDF”, you will study the concepts of waves and optics learnt at school from a more advanced perspective and goes on to build new concepts. It begins with explaining ideas of superposition of harmonic oscillations leading to physics of travelling and standing waves. The course also provides an in depth understanding of wave phenomena of light, namely, interference and diffraction with emphasis on practical applications of the same.

The topics we will cover will be taken from the following list:

Superposition of Collinear Harmonic oscillations: Simple harmonic motion (SHM). Linearity and Superposition Principle. Superposition of two collinear oscillations having (1) equal frequencies and (2) different frequencies (Beats). Superposition of N collinear Harmonic Oscillations with (1) equal phase differences and (2) equal frequency differences.

Superposition of two perpendicular Harmonic Oscillations: Graphical and Analytical Methods. Lissajous Figures with equal and unequal frequencies and their uses.

Wave Motion: Plane and Spherical Waves. Longitudinal and Transverse Waves. Plane Progressive (Travelling) Waves. Wave Equation. Particle and Wave Velocities. Pressure of a Longitudinal Wave. Energy Transport. Intensity of Wave.

Superposition of Two Harmonic Waves: Standing (Stationary) Waves in a String: Fixed and Free Ends. Analytical Treatment. Phase and Group Velocities. Changes with respect to Position and Time. Energy of Vibrating String. Transfer of Energy. Normal Modes of Stretched Strings. Longitudinal Standing Waves and Normal Modes. Open and Closed Pipes. Superposition of N Harmonic Waves.

Wave Optics: Electromagnetic nature of light. Definition and properties of wave front. Huygens Principle. Temporal and Spatial Coherence.

Interference: Division of amplitude and wavefront. Young’s double slit experiment. Lloyd’s Mirror and Fresnel’s Biprism. Phase change on reflection: Stokes’ treatment. Interference in Thin Films: parallel and wedge-shaped films. Fringes of equal inclination (Haidinger Fringes); Fringes of equal thickness (Fizeau Fringes). Newton’s Rings: Measurement of wavelength and refractive index.

Interferometer: Michelson Interferometer-(1) Idea of form of fringes (No theory required), (2) Determination of Wavelength, (3) Wavelength Difference, (4) Refractive Index, and (5) Visibility of Fringes. Fabry-Perot interferometer.

Fraunhofer diffraction: Single slit. Rectangular and Circular aperture, Resolving Power of a telescope. Double slit. Multiple slits. Diffraction grating. Resolving power of grating.

Fresnel Diffraction: Fresnel’s Assumptions. Fresnel’s Half-Period Zones for Plane Wave. Explanation of Rectilinear Propagation of Light. Theory of a Zone Plate: Multiple Foci of a Zone Plate. Fresnel’s Integral, Cornu`s spiral and its applications. Straight edge, a slit and a wire.

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